Make bath time
fun and Biblical

with Bible story bath bombs
Bible Story bath bombsOrganic Bath Bombs for KidsBible story bath bombsBible story bath bombs

Hear what other Christian parents are saying...


The bath bombs are huge! They smell great and color the water beautifully. If you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate Bible stories in to your routine, this is a great and fun way to do it.


Memphis, TN


Our son is obsessed with bath bombs, so that fact that he wants to take a bath with a fun bath bomb that is connected to a Bible story is a win for us as parents!


Nashville, TN


I got a set for my kids.. and this is our favorite part of our day!!! I’ll be so sad when we finish it!! 💕


Magnolia, TX


My 3 year old son was so excited to read the story and use the bath bomb. He was looking forward to the toy inside as well! He already is looking forward to the others to come! Highly recommend. Fun way to bathe and learn the Bible! Bath bombs smell wonderful too!


Nashville, TN


We love our Bibbelbubs bath nights! Our boys love the color changing water, Bible stories, and the special toy that reminds them of the message! This product has turned the bath time chore into an interactive, fun family activity!

Bibbelbubs Review

Phoenix, AZ

ingredients matter

Organic + Natural

Our bath bombs are made with organic ingredients and plant based essential oils + scents.

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Bible Adventure Set - Bible Story Book and ToysBibbelbubs Bath Bomb Box - Jacob to JosephBibbelbubs BundleBubbee's Bible Adventures - Hard Cover BookBible Book and Bubbee Bear Bundle

Bibbelbubs Collection

Make bath time fun and biblical with our first series of 9 Bible stories, bath bombs and toys. Add a Bubbee Bear to bring the stories to life and save when you get the bundle.

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Can I show you how it works?

Who is Bibbelbubs?
Just me and my family of 5.

Hi Friend. I’m Justin.

Believer, Husband, and Father to 3 amazing kids. I created Bibbelbubs so my boys would have a fun and engaging way to develop their relationship with God. Bibbelbubs exist to empower you to do the same with your precious little ones.

I started Bibbelbubs in July, 2022, with a dream of creating a fun way to get kids excited about reading Bible stories. This is just the beginning of our journey with many more series and fun resources to come.

Bibbelbubs Bundle
Bibbelbubs Bundle
Bibbelbubs Bundle
Bibbelbubs Bundle
Bibbelbubs Bundle
Bibbelbubs Bundle
Bibbelbubs Bundle

Bibbelbubs Bundle

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If you want the full Bibbelbubs experience you need the Bibbelbubs Bundle.  

The bundle includes our Bible Story Bath Bomb set and Bubbee Bear stuffed animal.  

Your Bible Story Bath Bomb set includes nine organic bath bombs, toys, and Bible stories that will keep your child's attention and be easy to remember with their new toy as a reminder of the lesson.  

Your Bubbee bear stuffed animal has a secret zipper pouch so your child can keep their new toys in a safe place.  Watch your child's excitement as they read the last chapter of the book and see Bubbee keeping all of his toys inside a Bubbee Bear stuffed animal too!

This series includes the powerful stories of Jacob and Joseph.  Your little one will learn how to have faith and hope in difficult times as we wait for God's promises to come to fruition.