Frequently Asked Questions

What Ingredients are in the Bath Bombs?

When I first had the idea for Bibbelbubs I knew that I had to use the cleanest bath bombs available. Bibbelbubs bath bombs are organic, all natural and healthy, creating a bath time experience your kid will love and you can trust. We only use 6 ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Aqua Shea Butter, Essential Oil, Fragrance Oil and FDA approved colorants.

When is the second series going to be available?

Bibbelbubs officially launched on July 19th, 2022. It took me two years to make this dream into a reality. The second book is almost finished and my goal is to have the second set available by December. The timing also depends on sales fo the first series so I can use that money to launch the second set. The more you share the first set with friends and family, the faster we can raise the money to launch the next series.

How many series will there be?

We are going to work our way through the bible and then start branching out into topics that will help support kids like Courage, Heroes of the Bible, Women of the Bible, Fear, and any other topics you parents let me know would be helpful. The short answer is: There will always be another series on the way.

What Scents are included?

The scents of the first Bibbelbubs Bath Bomb Box are labeled on the inside flap of the box box and include: Lavender, Vanilla, Honey, Coconut, Rose, Citrus, Orange, Blueberry, and Strawberry.

Why did Amazon deliver my order?

I am currently using Amazon to store and ship. They are fast and efficient so you can get your orders fast. Bubbee the Bear stuffed animals will ship separately because I am fulfilling all of the orders.

Why did my orders ship separately?

Bath Bomb Boxes are warehoused in Amazon and I have a separate warehouse for the Bears and ship those personally. Amazon has storage limits for new sellers. My status has been upgraded so the next shipment of 1,000 bears will be coming from Amazon. This might take awhile : ) . For now, your bath bomb box will ship from Amazon and I will ship your Bubbee Bear.

Where did you come up with the idea for Bibbelbubs?

We should probably grab a cup of coffee and talk about how awesome God is. The short answer is I have always had a dream of creating a business that is all around good and wholesome. I have tried other businesses in the past but always felt like something was missing. They were usually focused on making money.

I was up late one night and went down a youtube rabbit hole about Amazon FBA. I connect some dots and had the idea for Bible Story Bath Bombs. It was a God moment…one of those moments where you feel the spirit in a very real way. Bibbelbubs has a mission I will always believe in: Empowering parents to enrich the lives of their children. Creating a space for parents to engage with their child and teach them about God in a fun and easy way.

Who are you?

Hi Friend, I’m Justin. I live in Tennessee with my beautiful wife and 3 boys. I was a youth minister for 4 years before starting my photography career. I’m a big dreamer and a multi-passionate creative with self diagnosed ADD who finally found a place to land. A business where I can use all of my creativity and the lessons I’ve learned from failing several times. I’m just a man trying to lean into the gifts I have been given, and the mission God has laid before me.

Who writes and illustrates the book?

I write all the books myself. I sketch out the ideas for the illustrations before sending them off to my very talented illustrator. Isn’t he amazing?!? It’s been really cool to see the people that God has placed in my path. Also, you should see my sketches…they are hilarious. Like, your kid could draw better than me. I know mine can.

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